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Tiny Skull Necklace Gold

10k gold skull charm necklace

Sales price: $245.00

Tiny Skull Necklace Silver

Skull charm necklace in stg silver

Sales price: $145.00

Leonora Necklace Gold

Tiny 10k gold hand charm with Ruby

Sales price: $345.00

Rockwell IV Necklace Silver

Sterling silver raw cut nugget necklace

Sales price: $195.00

Rockwell III Necklace Silver

Rockwell III Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $250.00

Leonora Necklace Silver

Tiny hand charm with Gem

Sales price: $145.00

Diamond V Necklace gold

Tiny chain link choker

Sales price: $375.00

Guardian necklace gold

10k gold tourmaline necklace with skulls

Sales price: $265.00

Keller Charm necklace

14k gold/stg silver triangle necklace

Sales price: $595.00

Napoleon Ingot Necklace

Raw cut Ingot necklace in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $175.00

Bone Necklace 14k Rose Gold

Solid gold bone necklace with diamond

Sales price: $595.00

Snake Bone Necklace Silver

Bone Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $165.00

Hesse Necklace Gunmetal

Hand forged Drop Necklace

Sales price: $345.00

Razor Charm Necklace

Tiny Razor Charm Necklace in 10k gold

Sales price: $315.00

Hesse Necklace Silver

Hand Forged drop necklace

Sales price: $345.00
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