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Lady Grey 2 oz. Chocolate Bar

By Haute Chocolate

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Clean, sexy chocolate for goddesses, bad girls, and femme fatales by Haute Chocolate Brooklyn

Lady Grey blossoms with bergamot orange and finishes with a crunchy burst of toasted earl grey.  The effervescent flavors are grounded in rich, organic 72% cacao Peruvian dark chocolate, creating a treat with equal sophistication and sensation.

Her face dissolves from your memory like mist, only to reappear glistening in your dreams. She is a power older than land and sea. She is compelling and demanding of you to salivate, to weep in sweet delight; you’ll beg for her to be close noon or night.

Ingredients: Organic Chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter, organic maple sugar, organic coconut sugar, organic earl grey tea, salt