JEWELRY $250-$500
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Jewelry $250 - $500

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Mini Theodore Earrings

Mini stud earrings in 14k gold

Sales price: $285.00

Rockwell III Ring Silver

Rockwell III Ring in all Sterling Silver or Gold Rock

Sales price: $325.00

Lewis Bangle Silver

Raw cut square bangle

Sales price: $375.00

Raw cut candle holder brass

Textured brass candle holder

Sales price: $395.00

Bone Necklace 10k yellow gold

Bone necklace 10k gold with diamond

Sales price: $395.00

Pallenberg Ring Silver

Pallenberg ring in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $375.00

Scarp Ring

Tall Raw cut ring in sterling silver

Sales price: $295.00

Bone Ring 14k Rose Gold

Solid gold bone ring with diamond

Sales price: $495.00

Colette cone necklace

Tiny Spike necklace in 10k gold with black diamonds

Sales price: $545.00
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