JEWELRY $100-$250
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Jewelry $100 - $250

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Ragged Cube Candle Holder

Luxury metal candle holder by Macha

Sales price: $250.00

Boxlink Earrings Silver

Boxlink earrings in sterling silver.

Sales price: $125.00

Lariat Drop Necklace Silver

Sterling Silver drop necklace

Sales price: $175.00

Crystalline Cuff Clear

Handcrafted resin cuff

Sales price: $220.00

Forged choker

reverse choker

Sales price: $220.00

Transmission Woven Chain Bracelet

Transmission Woven Chain Bracelet in fine and sterling ...

Sales price: $255.00

Rockwell III Necklace Silver

Rockwell III Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $250.00

Pluto Bangle Coal

Handcrafted square resin bangle

Sales price: $220.00

Boxlink earrings rose gold

Boxlink earrings in rose gold vermeil

Sales price: $190.00

Crystalline Cuff Ice

Handcrafted resin cuff

Sales price: $275.00

Mackenzie Ring Silver

Mackenzie Sterling Silver ring with Black Diamonds

Sales price: $245.00

Medulla Ring

Sterling silver multi-hoop ring

Sales price: $195.00

Diamond V Necklace silver

Tiny sterling silver choker

Sales price: $198.00

Russian Wedding Chain Ring Silver

Russian Wedding Chain Ring in Sterling silver

Sales price: $135.00

Lightening Charm Necklace

Tiny Lightening Charm necklace in 10k gold

Sales price: $220.00

Leonora Ring Silver

Tiny hand ring with gem

Sales price: $145.00

Chain link necklace sterling silver

Tiny chain link choker

Sales price: $185.00

Boxlink Earrings Gold

Box Link Stud Earrings in Gold Vermeil

Sales price: $190.00