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Napoleon Ingot Necklace

Raw cut Ingot necklace in Sterling Silver

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The date letter collection utilizes a strong British tradition which requires precious metals to be officially stamped. A symbol represents the metal the piece is created in, and the date letter represents the year it was made, and by law is only available for that particular year. Thus this piece becomes more rare year by year, there being a 26 year wait before this letter can be marked again.

An Ingot is a piece of metal which has been cast into a specific shape for safekeeping. They are traditionally marked as an obvious reminder of their value. Precious metals are more valuable than they have ever been right now. The raw cut Napoleon necklace harks back to the trend of wearing ingots loud and proud and yet rebels against this ideal by because every one is unique. Each one is carved from reclaimed metal, and stamped with British hallmarks especially for your safekeeping. The Lion symbol represents sterling silver, and the letter represents the year. We only have a handful of these left with the letter 'o' (2013) perfect if you are an Oliver or Olivia,  'p' for Peter (2014) or 'q' for Quinn (2015)

Specifications: Sterling Silver, slight variation per piece On a 18" cable chain. Please specify the shape you prefer in the 'notes' section when checking out  -  Oval 3/4" 'q' (left) Octagon 'o' 3/8" (middle) or Long 'o' or 'p' 1/2" (right)