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All handcrafted in sterling silver in our Brooklyn studio.

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Transmission Woven Chain Bracelet

Transmission Woven Chain Bracelet in fine and sterling ...

Sales price: $255.00

Keith Bracelet

Handwoven Keith Bracelet for Men in 99.9% Fine Silver

Sales price: $895.00

Keith Bracelet Oxi

Keith Bracelet in Oxidized Fine Silver

Sales price: $895.00

Substance Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Mens Substance Charm Bracelet in oxidised Sterling Silver

Sales price: $450.00

Zip Tie Bracelet silver

Sterling Silver bracelet

Sales price: $135.00

Coffey Braided Cuff

Braided metal cuff in stt silver

Sales price: $250.00

Ezra Nail Cuff Silver

Sterling Silver Nail Cuff

Sales price: $385.00

Scott Bracelet

ID Bracelet with handcrafted chain

Sales price: $675.00

Inze charm bracelet stg silver

Multi-hoop Rockwell charm bracelet

Sales price: $495.00

Moto Spike Cuff Sterling Silver

Hinged sterling silver cuff

Sales price: $375.00


Sterling silver bracelet with panther clasp

Sales price: $315.00

Poplar Toggle Bracelet

Sterling Silver toggle bracelet

Sales price: $325.00

Oak Cable bracelet

Sterling silver chain bracelet

Sales price: $285.00

Ash bracelet

handmade chain bracelet

Sales price: $315.00

Heath Nail Cuff Silver

Sterling Silver Nail Cuff

Sales price: $220.00

Boxlink Earrings Silver

Boxlink earrings in sterling silver.

Sales price: $68.00

Rockwell Stud Earrings Silver

Rockwell Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Sales price: $48.00

Tiny Skull Studs Silver

4mm stud skull earrings. Stg silver.

Sales price: $44.00

Diamond Bar Studs Silver

Tiny stud earrings in sterling silver with black diamonds

Sales price: $150.00

Diamond Link Earrings Silver

Sterling silver link earrings with black diamonds

Sales price: $180.00
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