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All handcrafted in sterling silver in our Brooklyn studio.

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Tiny Stud Ring Silver

Tiny Stud ring in Sterling silver

Sales price: $85.00

Yama Earrings silver

Sterling silver oval chain earrings

Sales price: $195.00

Leonora Ring Silver

Tiny hand ring with gem

Sales price: $145.00

Keith Bracelet Oxi

Keith Bracelet in Oxidized Fine Silver

Sales price: $895.00

Oak Cable bracelet

Sterling silver chain bracelet

Sales price: $285.00

Scarp Ring

Tall Raw cut ring in sterling silver

Sales price: $295.00

Keith Bracelet

Handwoven Keith Bracelet for Men in 99.9% Fine Silver

Sales price: $895.00

Diamond V Necklace silver

Tiny sterling silver choker

Sales price: $198.00

Lariat Drop Necklace Silver

Sterling Silver drop necklace

Sales price: $175.00

Boxlink II earrings Silver

Boxlink II bar studs in sterling silver.

Sales price: $48.00

Leonora Necklace Silver

Tiny hand charm with Gem

Sales price: $80.00

Boxlink Earrings Silver

Boxlink earrings in sterling silver.

Sales price: $68.00

Snake Bone Ring Silver

Bone Ring in Sterling Silver, Polished or Oxidized.

Sales price: $88.00

Ash bracelet

handmade chain bracelet

Sales price: $315.00

Coffey Braided Cuff

Braided metal cuff in stt silver

Sales price: $250.00

Mens Russian Chain Ring

Russian Chain Ring for Men in Oxidized Sterling Silver

Sales price: $230.00

Chain link necklace sterling silver

Tiny chain link choker

Sales price: $185.00

Small Signet Ring Hallmarked

Small Signet Ring with date letter in sterling silver

Sales price: $225.00

Tiny forged hoops Silver

Hand-forged earrings in sterling silver

Sales price: $25.00

Tiny Skull Studs Silver

4mm stud skull earrings. Stg silver.

Sales price: $44.00
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